Tuesday, July 28, 2009

and now for the weekend

we had a great weekend! we actually did a couple of new things and new is always good. at least i think it is anyways.

on friday, b got to enjoy and round of golf so i thought i would treat the kids and myself to a round of.....BOWLING! ha ha ha! we had a lot of fun! jake more than ella but i think the bigger she gets, it can be a nice family outing for all of us. jake was very much interested in the way everything worked and would become quite frustrated when he could not knock all the pins down or make the ball go as fast as he wanted. he did a pretty good job though for it being his first time.

on friday night my dad came over and enjoyed the evening with us, along with my good friend nickel. we just ate and watched some movies. all in all, a great friday.

on saturday we spent the day cleaning, normal saturday routine and the kids were surprised and got to go swimming with my cousin and her daughter. they, of course, enjoyed themselves immensely. and yes, ella did fine being in the pool again. not scared at all from what i heard.

on saturday night we were invited over to our next door neighbors house for dinner. we had SUCH a great time. we had been talking to them (b more than me) for quite a while and they asked if we'd be interested in having dinner. we, of course, said yes and now i believe the budding of a new friendship is in the works. i know, sounds pretty cheesy. but b and i have never had "random" friends like this so it was nice and new.

so that's our weekend in a nutshell.

on monday we were surprised by our great friends from tulsa who came over to play for a bit. we always love seeing charli and chloe (and casey of course). the kids had such a great time. i'm glad we'll be seeing them again in a couple of weeks!

so on to another great week!


Casey said...

We had fun! I am glad we came and the kids played so well. Chloe's been talking about them...so cute. I took Charli bowling at age 3, like Ella. Very fun :)

Stephanie said...

I can't believe how big (and still so precious) your kiddos are!!!