Saturday, August 1, 2009

so far soooooo good

well so far this weekend has proved to be a great one.

as i mentioned last week, b and i had dinner with our neighbors for the first time and we decided to do it again this weekend. they really are the coolest, nicest people. we've been having a great time getting to know them! they are both from very small towns which b and i can relate to and they don't get out and meet new people much, which we also relate to. we are so "stuck" basically in only meeting people from church. which is not a bad thing, we enjoy that too. but we've never gone outside our comfort zone and made ourselves available. i know, it's kinda sad and stinks that it's taken us this long to do it, but we're so glad we did. we feel like the Lord has opened this door and we're hoping our friendship with them just continues to grow.

we also invited a couple of b's co-workers over to join us. b knows them well b/c he sees them every day. i've only met them a couple of times and they are so great too. we had such a wonderful night. my face hurt from laughing so much, seriously, i was having to massage it! ha!

so friday night was great!

today we helped my dad move my grandma's stuff into her new apartment. it went great, the kids did great and it didn't take long at all honestly. we ended the day with a nice take home meal from louie's and "remember the titans". gets me soooooo ready for football season! love that movie! we're pooped but hey, it was worth it!

so, so far so good. this has been an excellent weekend. love you weekends. thanks for many happy returns!

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Casey said...

It is fun to have neighbor friends. :) And I, too, cannot wait til football season....we've been excitedly talking about that
'round here too!!