Monday, August 3, 2009

the rest of it

sunday was a nice, relaxing great day.

the service sunday morning was really great. got some good nuggets from God.

sunday lunch was leftovers, but mexican leftovers. yum-oh

sunday afternoon was napping and golf. i enjoy both.

sunday night was a movie with the girls. "the ugly truth" was very funny. and i love me some gerard butler. yum-oh.

this week is pretty full and pretty fun.

tuesday night i get to see "the producers" with my sis.
friday night we go to tulsa to see "wicked" for my birthday. (yes i'm aware my bday was in april)
saturday b and the kids drive up to tulsa and we spend the rest of the weekend with our great friends.

gonna be a great week. hope yours is too.

ps. i haven't had pictures up since california (except from my phone) b/c i lost my camera charger. not sure how it happened but i'm flustered and have looked everywhere twice. i've dreamed about it and both dreams ended in me finding it....i need it by the weekend. arrrggghhh!

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