Thursday, August 6, 2009


this week has been a good one, a busy one, but a good one.

i thoroughly enjoyed "the producers." it's a great show. if you ever get the chance to see it, do it. you will not be disappointed!

so tomorrow is the long anticipated night of "wicked." i'm looking forward to getting away with some girls and having some fun. it should be a great weekend.

on another note, God is cool.

the skies were dark this morning, looking stormy. there was thunder, lightening and a cool breeze. i decided to do run outside this morning instead of on a treadmill, so i took a run around the neighborhood to enjoy the scenery God gave me.

i'm always in awe of His power. always amazed at all He's done and continues to do. but this morning, i just thought He was especially cool. not that He's ever NOT cool, b/c let's face it, He's cool all the time. but the skies this morning spoke of His greatness and creativity. reassuring me in a very cool way, that He is who He is and that's all I need.

i'm so thankful for that.

be aware of His coolness!


DeAndra said...

perfectly put sister! so do i need to buy you a new charger so you can keep posting photos or what?

Casey said...

I love those moments outside with God. Very refreshing. Can't wait for tomorrow night. I love the producers and wicked!! Woohoo!