Monday, August 10, 2009


this weekend was so fantastical!

for one of my birthday presents, my friends and my sis surprised me with tickets to see "wicked." it was the most amazing musical i've ever seen. seriously, i absolutely loved it. if you're a fan of "the wizard of oz" this musical might become your new favorite. incredible. i would watch it over and over again if i could.

here's an illegal picture i took....but isn't it so cool? love it love it love it!
here's all of us with the girl who played the part of elphaba. she was amazing and my favorite character! and she's hugging me. i'm giddy!

before the show we went to eat some yummy mexican food, followed by a nice refreshing coffee drink. it was a great night and a birthday present that was definitely worth the wait. i wish i could rewind and do it all over again. thanks girls for an amazing night and gift! best one ever!

so on saturday, b and the kids drove up to tulsa and we spent the rest of the weekend there with our great friends! we had a great time. the kids got to go swimming and b got to play golf. it was so much fun just chatting the day away. on sunday we got to visit their church and we enjoy it so much every time we're there. if you're in the tulsa area and you're looking for an amazing church to be a part of, go to foundations, you will not be disappointed!

sunday afternoon after another round of chatting, we drove home and just relaxed the rest of the evening.

this week is pretty packed of random activities which i'm looking forward to and then next week we're back in the saddle of the school year. i can't believe it. jake will be starting kindergarten. so crazy!

thanks for your blessings Lord, they are evident every day!

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Casey said...

Really had a great time. So glad we got to do it...all of it!