Wednesday, August 12, 2009

it's the little things...again

so this blog is going to be about "poopie" as one of my friends calls it. sorry if that grosses you out, the bulk of the story is much sweeter than poopie so if you can stick it out, please do. if not, i apologize for talking about poopie.

ella has a hard time going poopie. we have to give her miralax ever other day to keep things running smoothly. she's a crazy good eater (fruits and veggies) and everything else works fine, just the poo that we have trouble with. so now that she's potty trained, she goes by herself. sometimes i've had to be in there and i can tell it's hurting her so i will pray for her. might sound silly but it helps her.

so yesterday, she was in the bathroom and i went in to check on her.

me: you doin okay ella?

ella: yeah, Jesus is helpin me go poop.

me: ok

(time passes and she is successful)

me: that wasn't too bad was it?

ella: no Jesus helped me.

me: did you tell Him thank you?

ella: thank you Jesus. now He's going back up to heaven mom! Bye Jesus, thanks for helping me to poop. Now He's going back up to the clouds mom!

i ask you how precious is that. i almost cried. such faith. even if it has to do with poopie.


DeAndra said...

that deserves the response...uh-mazing! love that lil girl...give her a "cheers" for me later :)

Casey said...

OHHHHHH, i have the biggest smile. Such a cute story. I don't care if its about poop. Mommies deal with poopie all day everyday....gotta have Jesus!! I love it and I can hear her sweet, little, squeaky voice sayin' it.

Aunt Veronica said...


Kim said...

So, I can totally relate to this. Emma is the same way except. Miralax, fiber in her drinks, etc. has been a way of life for us for the past year. Now, I think she just has a irrational fear of pooping. Not so much constipation any longer, she just doesn't like to poop! Her prayer every day is "Jesus, help daddy feel better, mommy feel better, abbie feel better, help me not to be constipated and bless this food, amen".

Susie said...

All moms can relate. Last week when we had braden he said, Look g.g. there is one "chunk" n there. Made me lol