Monday, August 17, 2009

one more for the weekend

still no pictures. still no charger. but one is on the way...i just hope it gets here soon.

we had a good weekend. b and i went out on friday night with some of his friends from work. went to mcnellies, always love going there.

saturday was spent at home, doing just about nothing. a little dusting, a little laundry but mostly relaxing. loved it. had a nice little mexican dinner and my dear friend nickel came over to join us. she brought "enchanted" for the kids to watch, which they liked, especially ella and then brought "the producers" over for the big kids to watch, which was very funny, but i kind of liked seeing it live. i think the audience's reaction adds to the performance. it was good tho.

sunday was a great service at church followed by another relaxing afternoon. enjoyed watching golf with my hubs.

this week school starts and i'm sort of ready to start that schedule but sort of not. praying for a good year tho. i know jakob needs something more to do. his mind is constantly going and man, it can wear you out. i love him tho, he amazes me every day.

hope you have a great week!

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Aunt V said...

Can't believe it's school time again! Josh and Stephanie have decided to put Houston in day care at a local church because he is getting more and more bored at home.

I wish I could help the boredom, because it is horrible when your grandkids are smarter than you! :o(