Saturday, August 22, 2009

first day of big K

jake's first day of kindergarten went great!

the morning started with him waking up and telling me everything he was going to do that day.

jake: hey mom, guess who gets to play in centers today? guess who gets to have recess today?guess who gets to play games today? me, cause i'm going to kindergarten today!

the entire morning was filled with "is it time to go yet?" "is my teacher there yet?" "can we go now?"

so after the much anticipated lunch hour, we headed out.

here's my big bad kindergarten boy ready to tackle his first day!
and one with ella of course...always wanting her picture taken.
and here's jake waiting as patiently as he could in the car before getting out.

i didn't get very emotional, more excited for him. this pick-up and drop-off line is much different from pre-k. the kids have to get out of the cars on their and shut the door by themselves. another step in growing up i guess. he was excited to do it. as we said good-bye, my words were "have fun today bud, i love you." jake's response "love you too mom." and shuts the door....then opens it back up quickly and says.."see you later mom." it was cute. he looked all grown up walking up the steps by himself and looked back once to wave. i love that guy!

ella was wondering why she couldn't go to school yet. just one more year sweetheart, let me enjoy it will ya? she's as excited as jake is.

after picking him up, he said he had a good day. it was fun. but he didn't like the game they played in p.e. so he said he got upset. i'm so happy for his honesty, but one thing jake has a hard time doing, at times is trying something we'll work on this. i always tell him, if he tries it once and doesn't like it, he doesn't have to "do it" or "eat it" and the result is usually positive. i'm sure it was just combined with first day "jitters" although he seemed more excited than anything.....we shall see. it was also very cool b/c jake has one of his classmates from his pre-k class in kindergarten with him. he was so excited when he told me about it. and he said, "mom, logan wanted me to ask you one question, can i go over to his house." so cute.

so all in all, a great day. and he understands this year that there is no school on saturday and sunday but kept making me reassure him that he could go back on monday. too funny!

he's growing up. he makes me smile!


Veronica said...

cute ... sad

DeAndra said...

love love love the pics! i love his hair long, he's so precious! keep the pics and stories coming... i don't want to miss out on anything!