Sunday, August 23, 2009

sometimes nothing is everything

and i mean the title in so many different ways. but for this post, it's about our weekend. one full of nothing. something we don't do very often. we had no errands to run, no place to go, just us and whatever we wanted to do. pure wonderfulness.

friday night we grilled burgers and hung out at home. it was very nice and very relaxing.
saturday was pretty much the same. b and i did some "duty" chores around the house in the am, which left the pm for pretty much anything. it was soooooooooooo nice outside we decided to act on it. b and jake went out in the backyard to hit some golf balls, that's weird, they NEVER do that....and then we took jake to the front to let him get some practice in on his bicycle. he has ridden around the backyard a little but we've never "gotten out" yet. it was so much fun. he was having the BEST time. so when ella woke up from her nap we decided to pile us and the bikes in the jeep and head up to the church parking lot. wide open. they had a great time riding around and making up their own adventures....jake more so than ella, but she'll get there.

jakob "on the go" this turned into a motorcycle adventure...the cops were chasing him.
chatting away before another "ride"
and of course precious one on her tricycle. not quite as fast as brother yet but she had fun!

that night we watched a flick and ate dinner. another great evening! i like to get out and all that fun stuff but i gotta tell ya, the nights in with my sweet little family are the best.

this mornings sermon was great. a message on giving. something the Lord has been dealing with me on and something that i'm learning more about. learning to have more faith and trust more than ever before. i'm loving it actually. it's quite liberating.

b's out playing golf this afternoon and then another nice night in before the big "new" schedule starts next week.

thank you Lord for your blessings that are new each day and arrive in so many different "packages." YOU make life worth living!

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