Friday, August 28, 2009

going crazy

not literally, but my mind has been heading that direction this week. so many thoughts of so many things, i've had a hard time keeping myself focused on one thing this week. not sure why.

it's been a good week, nothing major to report.

i finally got my camera battery charger in the mail so whoooop whoooop, i'll be posting more pictures! that's a reason to celebrate right?

good weekend ahead. going to a movie tonight with the hubs and then over to our neighbors house on saturday for some UFC.....yeah baby. not really a UFC fan but it's always fun to get together with friends and fighting is always fun to watch, right?

then we even have plans this sunday, busy filled weekend but it's sure to be a fun one.

i think i'm going to buy some nutella today. it's so yummy.


Veronica said...

just love on the kids!

may, Samantha e. said...

but the nutella. do ittttt.

heaven in a jar