Monday, August 31, 2009


that describes this weekend. but it was a good full.

b and i got out on friday night to see a movie. inglourious basterds. can i just say amazing. best tarantino flick i've ever seen. seriously his finest work yet. we thoroughly enjoyed our night out.

on saturday i got to get out for a couple of hours by myself and do a little shopping and by little i mean, i didn't find anything at all, except a cute little shirt for myself, on sale, so that's always nice. but in my search for shoes for the kiddos, i'm falling short unless i want to spend $30 on shoes....which i don't. oh well, the search continues.

saturday night we went to our neighbors house again for UFC fight night. didn't do much watching of the fight but we had a great time, just hanging out. so glad we met our neighbors. such great people. we've even met their family and hang out with them too. good times.

sunday was a great sermon on compassion. and the rest of sunday was spent doing absolutely nothing which my body needed....

this week is just another normal one and then for the weekend we're off to see uncle benny and aunt tricia. a trip the kids always enjoy! i gotta say, i love it myself. and more of b's family is supposed to come up for the weekend too so it should be a good one.

i've got some good jake stories i've been saving up....i'll post some this week. make it a good one!

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