Thursday, September 3, 2009

conversations with Jakob-golf and a family

since the weather has been nicer, we are going outside more and more. i'm loving it.

one of jakob's favorite things to do is go in the backyard (or front) with his dad and hit golf balls. so a couple of weeks ago, they are hitting some golf balls and jake starts telling his dad about another family he has that lives in the tree, the tree in our backyard.

i wasn't out there so i can't relay this in "normal" conversation mode but i am told, he has a wife, a son and a daughter. his son's name is john, his daughter is clara bell (not entirely sure where he got that) and his wife did not have a name at the moment. apparently they like to watch him play golf, but he has to tell them to "settle down" and wait to cheer for him AFTER he hits his golf shot. well duh, second family! i knew that!

i really wish my mom was alive when this kind of stuff happens with jake (and b's mom too) b/c honestly, i don't think my imagination was that crazy. maybe it was and my mom just never told me about it....but wow, i would love to be inside his mind.....i wouldn't stay to long though, it would sooooooo wear me smooth out! he goes non-stop.

another cute little jake story was the other night, i think it was sunday night. jake said he was going to write a song and the song was called "Jesus lives alive" (i'm so glad He does!) so jake went to writing....scribbles of course (now this i remember doing b/c i liked to pretend i could write really fast in cursive) and then got his toy laptop, which transformed into a piano and there you written. he didn't get much of a tune out, but the words, you guessed it, were Jesus lives alive, over and over again. b had his guitar out and was "playing" along. ella decided to join in with her laptop/keyboard too. it was priceless.

these kids keep me going i tell ya. sometimes i think my nerves have been shot by their constant questioning, arguing and tattle telling. but alas, they steel my heart within seconds and i realize how much i've been blessed by the chance to be their mother.


DeAndra said...

love the how you ended the blog... love it love it love it! keep them coming!

Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

the 2nd family thing sounds like book #2 of Jake and Ella's adventures.....