Friday, September 11, 2009

labor day

guess i better update this thing before another weekend comes and goes. we had a good weekend over labor day, filled with lots of things to do...some here, some there...really does feel like we went everywhere. hey look, i'm dr.seuss! ha ha!

sooooo, friday night we hung out at home, had our neighbors over and enjoyed a game of train (dominos) i don't think b and i have played dominos since my mom died...almost 4 years. i forgot how much fun it was and how much i miss her all at the same time! we had a great night tho.

on saturday morning we got up and headed to b's brothers house in northeast texas. some of b's family was there and we had a really fun day. they bought jake and ella a "speed boat" for their pond and they had a great time racing it. they always have a wonderful time out there.

jakob taking his turn at steering the boat..very intense.
now let's REALLY talk about intense...get a load of ella's intense look. she is really concentrating on that boat. she kills me!
and just a great shot of my cuties. love em!

on sunday we just laid around and recouped from our trip then back over to our neighbors house that night for another round of dominos....we had a great time!

monday we went over to my sisters house to enjoy a nice lunch with my dad and a friend of his. it was a nice relaxing day.

nothing big happened this felt like a long week considering it was a holiday week but i'm glad the weekend is here again and we're off on more adventures. tomorrow we're headed to a baby shower for some of our friends who were blessed with the gift of adoption unexpectedly yet so ordained it's crazy, then sunday we're headed to tulsa to help our friends celebrate the one year anniversary of their church plant!

PLUS football season has begun, love me some football!

jakob is learning to read and it's been quite the amazing experience. every time he learns a new word then puts them together in a sentence, it's the coolest thing. i never thought being with sometime when they learn to read would be this cool, but it is. he's actually reading sentences from books...real books. so crazy! so proud!

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Casey said...

Sounds like a bunch of fun. Sorry our celebration fell through, but something so look forward to this coming weekend now! Forecast is for NO RAIN! Woohoo.

Charli has started her "pre-reading" stuff and it is exciting watching her with i can't imagine how much fun it is when they finally get it! YAY for Jake!