Tuesday, September 22, 2009

busy, busy, busy

we had a great weekend. filled with much activity. and much fun.

friday night b and i went out with a group of friends for a "surprise" birthday party. which ended up not being a total surprise but it was still lots of fun. love you amy! hope your 30th was wonderfully amazing (and i know it was cause she already told me) ha!

saturday we went to the fair for some fun and got to see the ice capades as well. the kids absolutely enjoyed themselves! they loved every minute! here are just a few pics....

me and ella being silly during the ice capades
the cars were my favorite part of the show!
ella and amelie "driving" their cars. soooooo cute!
jake and iriana ridin the bumble bees!

we had such a great time! thanks poppa (my dad) for making that such a great day for all of us!

on sunday we headed to tulsa for the foundations church celebration. once again, we had such a great time being with our friends. we miss them so much! today ella was wondering when she would be able to play with charli and chloe again..b/c "they are her friends", so sweet! here's a couple of shots with our friends!

all four, sharing popcorn. they had fun together!

this pic just cracked me up. chloe and jake shared their popcorn and both gave me the same kind of smile when i asked for a "cheese." too funny!

so there you go in a quick nutshell. we had a great weekend.

the weather is amazing this week so far and i'm ready to get out my fall decorations! the kids are excited about it too. they both want scarecrows in their rooms. we shall see! i can't believe next week is october. seriously time is zooming by....no......seriously!


DeAndra said...

can not wait to see you guys!! ella already looks like she has grown!!! love the pics...as always, thanks for sharing!

Casey said...

It is zooming by.....I just wish Sept-Dec would go by extra slowly. I love these months!