Thursday, September 24, 2009

it's early

i know this background is early.

especially since it's not october yet.

but i'm getting my fall decorations out and the thought of pumpkins and fall and all things thanksgiving gets me really excited, happy, thrilled, overjoyed, raptured, giddy, (insert your own happy comment here) you get the picture.

so enjoy it with'll be around for a while.

and go buy a pumpkin. it'll make you smile!


Casey said...

WE ARE BUYING PUMPKINS TODAYYYYYY! Woooo, hoooo, woooo, hoooo!! Charli has been asking everyday....and I told her to wait til October. Its close enough!

Casey said...

Soooo, went to buy the pumpkins and decor. Then went to find a few more fall clothing items for the girls. Came home with Christmas pajamas......I am right there with you for early!!