Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what the.....

not a great phrase....especially when constantly repeated by your five and three year old...a little humorous but not great. didn't realize how much b and i said this but oh well, such is life.

this is what i've been saying the past few days tho....i've been....sick? yes, that is a question mark. i've had no symptoms really. a sore throat, a few body aches and that's it. yep, you read right. no fever, no congestion (chest or head), no sinus pain or pressure just a dumb ole sore throat and a few body aches. so to that i say...what the.....?!? it's been frustrating more than anything. i'm feeling better now that's it's WEDNESDAY and i've missed 3 days of working out, 3 days of laundry, 3 days of house work....ridiculous i say!

BUT, things could be worse, and i'm on the mend. i know the Lord has touched me and will continue to make me whole! sick bugs, you stay OUT of my house!!! there!

our weekend was good. friday was spent with some friends, we had the kids come with, to play with their kids, i think EVERYONE had a great time, especially the kids. we will have to do that again!
saturday was the golf tournament at church. i go to this every year to help and to drive jakob around the golf course for some practice. he absolutely loves it and cannot get enough of it. i have pics which i will post later. he got to drive, pitch and putt. and got alot of practice in the the putting greens. i hope he sticks with this. it's one thing he's determined at doing and does it well. doesn't mind practicing and listens to advice to get better.....we might have something here.
sunday was a beautiful day. minus that stupid sore throat thing that started.

so all in all a good weekend. not so much of a great week but hey, it's hump day and the weekend is almost here.

i'm FINALLY getting out my pumpkins and scarecrows. YES!!!

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Casey said...

Charli was jealous Justin got to see Jake.