Thursday, October 1, 2009

spiritually vs. physically

in shape.

that's a goal for me. in all areas of my life, it's what i want to be.

but lately, i'll be honest, i feel like maybe i'm putting more emphasis in places i shouldn't be as concerned with...

i will always be a food natzi (sorry if that term offends you, but alas, that's what i am)
i will always pick the healthier option for myself and my family regardless of ridicule.
i will always work out, as long as i'm physically able.
i will always push myself in these areas to become better, the best i can be.

so my question to myself is:
am i pushing myself as much spiritually as i do physically?

not lately, not at all.

i need to become as hardcore spiritually as i am physically. to me it's easier physically and i'm not even sure why, but i know that's not right, at least not for me. i need to constantly be challenging myself to learn more about God, get to know Him in a deeper way, feel for people and love the way He loves. spending time with Him needs to be the priority in my routine more so than working out and eating right. i think all can go hand in hand.

so i've decided to develop a new schedule. even if it means making myself uncomfortable for a while, i'm going to do it.

i'm waking up earlier.
spending my time with the Lord FIRST
which is what i should've been doing long before now.

why am i sharing this? not sure, maybe so i can keep myself accountable.
but nonetheless, here i go.......

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may, Samantha e. said...

It's good to know that it never gets easier. But also encouraging in the same way because bettering ourselves doesn't end. We still have the ability to move forward.