Monday, October 26, 2009

another one comes

and is gone.

it's the weekend i'm referring to. i'm sitting here, in almost a whirlwind state, and just realized it was monday again. i mean, i knew it was monday but ya know when you're thinking back, remembering events and then something just hits, it's monday. that was a fast weekend. (said me to myself)

we didn't have anything planned this weekend but ended up doing stuff. go figure. it proved to be a great one again. we spent friday evening with our great friends, the deas. it's always a fun time spending time with them. how we love them so! had some yummy chili on a nice fall evening and of course, some scrumptious dessert my friend always fixes up. a wonderful friday evening!

saturday was spent doing saturday stuff. a family day of sorts, filled with football pretty much all day. i didn't mind, there were some good games going on.

sunday was an unexpected turn of events, fun ones none the less. church was great and after we ended up eating some good mexican food at a hole in the wall place we'd never been to with some friends of ours from church. we just kept chatting it up so they invited us over for the afternoon and we obliged. which then ended up turning into an evening excursion for the adults....which was a complete surprise and total blast! yay for unplanned fun!

and now we sit, monday again. the last monday of october might i add which i am completely shocked by. usually october is one of the slow months for me, i don't mind it being that way, but this time it seemed to fly by. i'm liking the time flying b/c that means the holidays are here quicker....i just hope time slows when the holidays get here so i can enjoy them longer. i know, i know, wishful thinking....but one can hope, as i always do.

the holidays are gonna be amazingly fun this year.

and our week of halloween fun begins tonight! oooooooo spooky!

and i thought i'd leave a few more pics from last weekend with tanta and jeff.

kung fu jake.
jeff found a worm. with much prompting, jake finally held it.
um, ella.....not so much. love the look of discust on her face!
and this is turning out to be one of my fave pics! love it!


DeAndra said...

that's my favorite one of jake... check out the aerodynamics of his hand... so awesome!

Veronica said...

my age revealed ... when I read "another one", I just assumed you were going to write "bites the dust".