Monday, November 2, 2009


i'm just so happy and i know the joy i have comes from God. it's a great feeling. i love it. and i love Him for giving it to me and blessing me the way He does. He'll never know how thankful i am for His never ending love and grace. He sees my heart but i'm hoping my life will reflect my thankfulness. this is the month for it right? let's live it!

we had a great and busy week. monday we headed the the zoo to trick or treat. we try to do it every year, the kids like it a lot and of course, they get candy galore. (not my favorite part of halloween) but this is for them! so here's couple of pics from the zoo.....

ella as snow white right before we left for the zoo. i knew i would not be able to get a shot this cute for the rest of the week and i was right....she's the cutest snow white EVER!

jake is luke skywalker and did not want his picture taken very much but i managed to bribe him couple of times...cuties inside the zoo!

gettin some candy.....b was the best dad and carried ella pretty much the whole time. it was chilly and she was cold, poor dad was sweating but a trooper he was!

on thursday night we were invited to a halloween party which of course the kids were pumped about. everyone was invited to dress up and i was contemplating when jake said to me, "mom, i want you to dress up like a pirate." so i raided his toy box and obliged!


then finally on friday night, we went to the fall festival at church. another fun night for the kiddos. saturday night we just hung with the neighbors and watched football. this year we got enough trick or treating in to last us until next year. maybe next time we'll venture out in the neighborhood....but they had a great time and that's what matters!

cousins! luke skywalker, supergirl, snow white and tinkerbell! cuties!

so we had a great week and weekend and it's NOVEMBER! we're getting so excited for the holidays! only three weeks until thanksgiving and i'm sooooo excited. b and i are trying to figure out when to start the Christmas movies. we think a month is too short and two months is too long....hmmmm, when to begin. such decisions.

i so LOVE this time of year!


Casey said...

Those are great pictures! Looks like yall had fun. And, just so you know, Charli woke up Nov. 1st and said, "Mom,you said after halloween we could watch Christmas movies, so....let's watch em!" So we are starting today....deciding which one as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a TOTALLY unbiased person off the street, Luke Skywalker and Snow White were the most beautiful characters there. That pirate in one picture wasn't too bad, either. The dad ... is he something! I know it was breaking his heart to have to carry Snow White all the time so people would know she belonged to him.

Looks like you had a great time and I am glad!