Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my turkies

weekend was good. fun on friday, fun, fun on saturday and sunday was cloudy, relaxing and football friendly, so the weekend....a good one for the ven's.

on monday night i went to a girl's movie night, had some pumpkin spice latte and watched "elf"..can i just say, lovin the holidays...lovin! so while i was out, i got out a crafty type project for the kids to do. they had such a great time with dad and did such a great job, i had to show them off.

the turkey on the left is ella's with a little help from dad. the turkey on the right is jakob's with no help from anyone. such creative monsters i have!

i'm about ready to start decorating for Christmas. i know the rule has always been to wait until after thanksgiving but we'll be out of town, sooooooo why not now? the kids are certainly ready for it. and before i hear the flack, let me just i'm not skipping over thanksgiving. in fact, this season of turkey day has me more thankful than i've ever been, or at least it feels that way.

the Lord has given me such joy and such a new breath of life that i'm in thankful mode nearly every day. it's been amazing to FEEL Him working in me. i LOVE it! saying thankful and making a list really doesn't do justice to the blessings i've been given.

so skipping the holiday? i think not, in fact, i'm determined to have this thankful heart last all year long...i know it will be hard.....but just bet me that i won't do it. what's that you say?

it's on!


Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

I'm with you girl. All the way.

Casey said...

We usually wait til at least the week of Thanksgiving to decorate, but we did it last week. I don't know why, we just got overly excited and went for it. We had so much fun decorating. The girls are fun with it. And we too are not forgetting Thanksgiving, just adding more to it with the decorating. Steph and Ed are staying with us the WHOLE week of Thanksgiving, so we will do lots of Thanksgiving celebrating. It will be a blast. And WOW....long comment, sorry :)

Darla said...

Your children are so beautiful. I enjoy seeing their pictures, and hearing about your lives. Thanks for sharing with a distant relative.