Sunday, November 22, 2009

caution: good times ahead

that's just how i feel. it's been low key at the venable house the past couple of weeks and weekends. nothing big going on, which i'm okay with because next week and the weeks to follow will be pretty full and i love it.

so last weekend, here's what we did....

too soon? nope not for us! i always hate taking down the decorations b/c i want this time of year to last longer, so we decided to decorate earlier this year. and the kids were so excited about it, how can you say no? we put up the house lights this weekend but will refrain from turning them on until after're welcome.

this week looks to be alot of fun. getting together with family, eating, playing games etc. etc. i might even brave the after thanksgiving day sales...who knows. but it will be fun!

tomorrow marks the 4 year anniversary of my mom's passing. i'm doing better this year than i was last year....remembering her with fondness. it gets better every year, never easier, but better. she's still constantly on my mind and i guess that will never change. i don't think i ever want it to either. i still so deeply wish she could be here for her grandkids, especially ella. they would be buddies to the extreme. but i like to think my mom looks down on her and smiles. and probably fills her head with thoughts of girly-ness and shopping. (stop it mother!) hee hee hee! but even though i miss her and wish she was here, i'm so thankful for the time i had with her and thankful for the joy she brought into my life. i love you mom! enjoy your turkey with Jesus!

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DeAndra said...

dang it! i hate crying this early in the morning!