Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Does Jesus hate halloween?

hmmmmm....this really has me going right now.

i just read a post on facebook that someone was proud of their daughter for telling a girl at school that Jesus HATES halloween. has anyone ever read that before? and i'm serious here although it might seem my tone is a little cynical. if this is in the Bible somewhere, i would like to know where...honest.

it did strike a chord with me though and not a very good one.

isn't this the type of mentality that turns people off from christians? to be that blatant about something that's not true.
should i tell my unsaved friends, who don't worship satan and just like to dress up and get candy that Jesus hates that they are celebrating halloween?

this reminds me of people with picket signs that say "God hates fags" and "God hates black people", maybe i'm taking it too personally OR maybe someone should ask them to show a little love. yes even to the satan worshipper. isn't this the greatest commandment, to do everything in love? and if you don't have love, you have nothing?

and by the way, does Jesus HATE anything? (except for sin, of course)

maybe this is just a "vent" for me, who knows. if anyone has insight, i would sincerely like to know.


DeAndra said...

you are the lone wolf in a sea of dogs sister. well put and well preached.

J'Layne said...

I think that is a little extreme to say Jesus hates halloween. I think that mom was trying to get out of explaining to her child while they don't "do" halloween by blaming Jesus. Haven't we all said, oh Jesus doesn't like that":/ But that was extreme. Personally I just explained to mine what I had heard, did not research, it was a witches holiday (All Hallows Eve) and I didn't want to participate. We still get candy from church fall festivals! Isn't candy all they want anyway and to dress up? We only did the church things though.