Tuesday, October 6, 2009

old and new

so i'm finally getting around to posting a couple of the golf tournament pics...nothing special, just my boy showing off his talents!

nice chip shot!
me and the jakester. pretty much rode around in the golf cart for 5 hours. good times!

now for last weekend. pretty uneventful, but fun. i love those kinds of weekends. friday night was family night and we watched 3 disney movies in a row. bedtime stories, bug's life and monsters inc. whew....and we built a huge tent under the table (which we moved to the living room) and had popcorn. we had lots of fun together!

saturday was pretty normal. cleaning, laundry all the fun stuff. the kids and i got out the potato heads and had a little fun. i decided to take a picture b/c we did so well with our potatoes.

ella's is the first one, followed by jake then me. aren't we cute!

sunday was a great relaxing day. wonderful sermon at church, then lots of football and wonderful fall weather, it doesn't get much better than that.

monday was my big sis's bday and we had a mini surprise party for her. i'm pretty sure she enjoyed her evening! happy bday sis!

now i'm counting down...............

this saturday is race for the cure. it looks to be my coldest race yet. but i'm excited. it's always a wonderful experience!

next week is full of excitement. we are headed to tulsa for youth convention (the drive band from our church is doing worship) we have a birthday party up there on friday night. we are ALSO going to see "where the wild things are" on friday afternoon (of which i am so excited i can hardly stand it) and saturday we'll head back home to pick up my lil sis and her hobo from the airport! woooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo!

i'm a little excited!

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