Friday, October 23, 2009

i'll eat you up, i love you so

i'm trying to summarize what last weekend and this week has been and fun does not do it justice. in order to not get too wordy, i will make a list of what went on in the venable home the past few days. i'll post a few pics later on today...

-last thursday we headed to tulsa for b to play in youth convention and us to attend a birthday party on friday. we had an amazing time. we also got to see "where the wild things are" and it's an incredible movie. incredible! go see it and read the book! we're extra proud b/c the hobo (jeff stone) worked on the film as an assistant editor. we even got a picture of his name on the cool is that!
-saturday my sis and her hobo came to see us. we had such an amazing time with them! amazing i tell you. 5 days was not long enough.
-sunday was church together then we headed to mcnellies for some adult play time. don't think dirty here, we just got to to out without the kids. it was greatness!
-monday we took a trip to the sam noble natural history museum. what a nice little treasure we have here in oklahoma. the kids LOVED it! we'll go again for sure
-tuesday was back to work (and school for the kids) and sis and her hobo visited turner falls. they went hiking and exploring. they had a wonderful day. that night we took them to experience some Eischen's chicken. yum-o!
-sadly wednesday was our last day together and we just ran errands that day and hung out. it was a rainy day but not too gloomy b/c they were here, but gloomy b/c they had to leave.

we've been getting back to our normal routine, a little reluctantly, but trying. we're looking forward to christmas when we'll see the sis again.

i'm so thankful for my family, near and far. i realize how blessed i am in that not everyone has great experiences with their families. of course there's been ups and downs, there always is, but for the most part, our family has been solid. and b/c of that, i could not want anything more, except that other families be able to feel the closeness and joy that i've felt my entire life. and if you do feel it, don't forget to be so thankful for it.

family, it's where it's at!

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