Wednesday, October 14, 2009

these days

things have been going wonderfully well. nothing big has happened. nothing life changing.

i've been waking up earlier (i know, ugh!) and making God my priority first thing in the a.m.

whoa, stop the presses. i know what you're thinking...."this is not a new concept, dorynda."

i know, right?!?

but for me it is. for some strange reason i have waited 33 years to make my quiet alone time with God the first thing i do. i just want to slap myself upside the head and say "duh!" i know i was lazy before, not wanting to wake up a second too soon. most days i would wait until nap time to have some alone, quiet time...which worked until naps started becoming less of a priority (not for me but for the little boogers i call jake and ella) and oh yeah, that thing called life that constantly pushes and pulls me a million different directions.

so why not START the day with the ONE constant thing in my life. the ONE thing that NEVER changes, not ONE bit.

it's AMAZING what my days are like now when i BEGIN them with the big man. imagine that, your day going smoother, finding joy in the littlest of nothings, and having this feeling in your heart of utter jubilation for NO reason.

crazy, i know.

i honestly had to ask the Lord to forgive me for not making this change sooner. and we've had lots of fun, my Lord and i, getting to know each other on a much different level then ever before.

isn't God just cool like that......

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veronica said...

great concept ... i may try that myself, see if I can stand my family living with me. :o)

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