Monday, October 12, 2009

what a weekend!

this post will mostly be about me.....b/c i got to have the most amazing saturday evah!

on saturday morning, i once again joined the race for the cure and enjoyed it immensely! my neighbor joined the race with me and ran, we made great time considering we had to walk a bit at the beginning in order to spread out and get ourselves going. it was a very chilly morning but we had so much fun. my sis and her friend also joined the cause.

me and my sis at the beginning of the walking action! before i "took off!"
at the starting line. so many people. i believe it was over 5,ooo.
starting line.
finish line! woooooo hoooooo! i took this while jogging, i know, so talented! ha!
my sis's friend ashley, sis dalycia, me and my neighbor candace!

this race means alot to me and i only wish i could've been involved while my mom was alive. i wish one year we could've crossed the finish line together...i know one day we will! so until then, i'll cross it by myself in her honor and all those who have been lost to the horrible disease. and maybe with prayer and this support, one day breast cancer will have a cure and women will not have to suffer ever again!

if that wasn't a great enough event for the day, i got two free tickets to the ou vs. baylor game on saturday and took my dad with me. we had such a great time. i hadn't been to a game in a really long time so it was such a treat. we had great seats and had a great time. and hey, the sooners won! a woooooo hooooooo!

the pride of oklahoma! greatness!
me and my cute dad! love him!

so that was my weekend. i was plum pooped by saturday night. had a great service on sunday and a relaxing afternoon of football, golf, extreme home make-over, and more football. gotta love sundays!

and now for the week at hand, well, i could not be more excited! fall break is this week so jake only has school for three days. on thursday night we're headed to tulsa, friday we're seeing "where the wild things are" and friday night we're off to a birthday party, then saturday the lil sis and her hobo come into town. it's gonna be an exciting week!

and might i just add, God is so good and so faithful. i mean wow, i just can't get over the joy and peace in my heart. thanks Lord, you're pretty freakin cool that way!

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