Sunday, November 29, 2009

oh so thankful

i am so blessed. i could stop right there and sum up my life. i'm blessed beyond what i can comprehend and what i can express. God is so good to me, every day, no matter what, His mercies are never-ending. He has blessed me beyond expectation. my family is amazing. no truly, they are amazing, despite the differences in opinion, the sometimes little scuffs we have, we come together, under the blanket of God's love, and celebrate thankfulness together. my thanks goes to God, not just now but every day for making my life worth living. just wow.

so we had a great holiday, followed by a great weekend. very busy oddly enough. but great. and now onto christmas and the joy and wonder it brings. i love this time of year, as everyone does, there's just something about it.....i will treasure the weeks to come b/c i always hate to say good-bye to it.

and so now i post a couple of pics from our turkey day....lots of fun!

the cousins...amelie, iriana, jakob and ella- cuties!

me and amelie doin the "hi, i'm chubby" bit. i know...we're cute.

hope your turkey days were splendid and hope your tree is up and decorated by now. if not, get on it and spread some christmas cheer!

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