Monday, December 21, 2009


that's my attempt at hoping the week goes by slowly. i'm so not wanting christmas to end. this year it has seemed to zip by, like most every year, but this year has been one of the best ones yet. so, i don't really want it to be over.

we enjoyed a family night on friday. we went to see "a christmas carol" and yes we took the kids. parts of it were a little scary but neither of mine seemed bothered by it so it ended up being enjoyable for all. after our movie we took the kids to see santa. both were very excited to talk to him and had no trouble explaining what they wanted. my cuties.

we had another party to go to on saturday night which was a reunion of sorts. ended up being rather small but it was fun nonetheless. sunday we went to see our friends baby girl get dedicated and it was such a great experience. we took communion together and re-visited a church we used to go to. it was an amazing service. so glad we got to be a part of that day.

this week is going to be nothing less than wonderful. my sis gets in tonight and we shall let the merriment continue and get bigger! just a few more pics i wanted to share. i decorated my porch differently this year. no one cares but me really, but i'm proud of the outcome....

and last but not least...i thought i would show one more of our family pics that was taken for us by our good friend! we are just loving the outcome of those as well.

so that's about it for now. it's going to be a busy week but a most extraordinarily fun one! i can't wait and i hope it pokes by.

love to you and yours and hope your holidays are extremely blessed by our saviour's goodness!


DeAndra said...

i love the porch and can't wait to see it in person!! and i can't wait to see all the pics either!!! jake cracks me up!!!

Casey said...

I'm with you on the SLOW!! I just try not to think about it being over and just think about it being this week. We can't wait to be kids are going nuts...and I am excited too :) AND LOVE THE PORCH! Christmas decorations are so fun. I got my pictures from you. Thank you! I love them!! Not to be picky or demanding....but I want one of those on this post as well. I'm just sayin...I want one. See ya soon!

Sara said...

Beautiful family! Merry Christmas!