Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcome 2010

although i am not exactly ready to have this set of holiday's leave, i have to say i'm very excited about 2010 and all the amazing things i believe it will hold. so for my last post of the year, i will list a few of my favorite moments in 2009. it was a year of blessings of which i do not deserve, but am most thankful for the hand of my heavenly Father that has never left me or my family.

-i participated in lent this year for the first time. it really was a life-changing, eye opening experience and will most definitely participate in 2010.

-jakob started kindergarten. he's smart and i hope i can keep up with him in the years to come.

-brandon and i celebrated 10 years of marriage. we are having a blast and God has blessed our relationship in amazing ways. i'm ready for the next 10...and 20 and 30 and you get the idea.

-we took our first family vacation and drove out to california. it was an amazing trip and the kids did SO good. we will most definitely do it again. and this time we WILL go to disneyland!

-my sister got engaged and i am thrilled beyond what descriptive words can say. can't wait til April!

-we had a WHITE christmas. it was magical, the kids loved it, i loved it, it was the greatest gift of all in my opinion. not a fan of driving in it BUT i loved it!

we had our share of ups and we had our share of downs....but in the end, as always, the Lord provided and pulled us through. i will forever be thankful for my relationship with Him and pray it continues to grow.

i hope your year was successful and full of joy and pray your outlook on 2010 is positive and expectant.

if you want something you've never had, do something you've never done!

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DeAndra said...

beautifully put sister. i love to read your blog with my morning coffee. it always puts me in a good mood.