Saturday, January 9, 2010


this has been one crazy, not so great week. not my typical ideal way of starting off the new year, but i have refused to get discouraged. nothing major has happened that would result in a major setback but there are a few things i've already learned in this first full week of january....

-i need to stick to my routine. waking up early, spending time with God, working all makes sense to my mind and my body and when i do things differently my life is out of whack. and the affects of this out of whackness is unfortunately felt by my precious family...this will not happen again. my order and habit is my obsession and necessity.

-i continue to learn about "not sweating the small stuff" for example, a random rash on my 3 year olds body that is unexplainable, the washer going out, my 3 year olds attitude, my 5 year olds attitude, growing pains, living, learning and loving. it's all a part of life, as long as i continue to roll with it...all is well. it's when i try to figure out and fix it all at once that everything starts crumbling.

-God continues to be in control of everything. every good and perfect thing comes from God. confusion, loneliness, depression, inadequacy, these things DO NOT come from God, therefore they are not a part of my life. bam.

-i am blessed beyond comprehension. and as long as i continue to look at what i have and not at what i don't have, the blessings keep coming. they will never cease.

-oh AND i love my new coat that i got for Christmas from my sweetie. love it.

so there you have it. one week down, 51 more to go. this is going to be a great year. more learning, more loving more blessing, i'm excited! hope your first week in 2010 was successful and blessed.

here's to many more to come!!

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Toni Parvin said...

Good outlook and I hope the next 51 weeks are awesome for you & your family!