Friday, January 29, 2010

oh snow

and ice.

WE SURVIVED ICE STORM....2010. (to be said in a very boomy voice)

i love it. and it has graced our presence once again. how lucky am i? what i don't love is not having the kind of vehicle to get around in it. one of our cars does ok, (the pacifica which b so lovingly refers to as the "pimpcifica")but my jeep, unfortunately is rear wheel drive. NOT GOOD.

so we sit.

it's been good though. the past two days we have...

-done all the laundry
-vacuumed the house
-cleaned the kitchen (hubs did this)
-played some games
-played in the snow
-baked some cookies no particular order, beauty and the beast, wall-e, transformers, bee movie, all three jurassic park movies, UP, 101 dalmatians and i'm sure there's more to come.
-and cleaned up toys several times

i love being "in" with the family. tomorrow i AM hoping we get out some. the roads aren't too great but maybe i can talk b into driving me around. at least to browse SOMEwhere.

and also, it's going to be february in two days. i knew it would go by fast but man. there are so many things i'm looking forward to in the next few months, i can hardly keep my mind from wandering constantly.

so here's to the snow.

and by the way...i love these kids. how could you not?


Casey said...

Awwww, fun! We are getting out today in the snow. Its just sooooo pretty! Tell B to drive you around today...hahaha!!

Veronica said...

No one with any sense could NOT love those kids. However, my body did an involuntary shiver when I saw the snow, I do not enjoy the cold weather. I am so thin, the wind just tears at me . Blows me across parking lots, even.


Now back to reality, those kids in that picture are what the little angels playing in heaven look like. They are precious and you have done such a wonderfule job as a mom. Thank you

Darla said...

What a great picture of those smiling faces having fun in the snow. I enjoy reading about your life.

DeAndra said...

love the pic!! want it!! and those scarves are great!!