Monday, January 18, 2010


i've become a big fan of starting fresh. for some reason, today feels like one of those days to do this. not sure why...there's nothing really that i need to "start fresh" from or for, it just feels all bloomy. i like this feeling. when you feel like you're starting to fall into sync with everything. i need that sync. i like that sync. so here's to monday and sync.

our weekend was a busy one. a different one. i enjoyed it. b and i had separate things to do on friday evening. i got to enjoy a wonderful girls reunion of sorts with some wonderful ladies i went to school with and some i had never met. it was a very refreshing night and i really enjoyed it. hoping to be seeing some of these girls a lot more.

on saturday, we again had separate things to do and did sort of a tag team day. he left, i watched the kids, he got back and i left, then i got back and he left again. whew. enough of that. he returned around 6pm and we enjoyed dinner and a nice evening together.

sunday was a good day, sort of. the cowboys lost and are out of the play-offs so that's a bummer. i think i'm gonna pull for the vikings til the end. and i was ever so lucky to get my toes done by the infamous "ella boutique."

don't be too jealous of my magnificent pedicure. i'm sure she'll do yours at no charge. aren't they lovely? her daddy was lucky enough to get one, in a more masculine color of green, of course. but he was not happy with the outcome of the picture so you'll have to use your imagination.

on another note, God is good. and continues to show me His goodness in even the tiniest of ways. the more i "draw unto Him" oddly enough, He "comes near to me" and i find such freedom in our relationship. i'm so thankful for the new places He's taking me and the things He's teaching me, even though some of them are uncomfortable and difficult, i know they are for my good.

so, i choose joy on this monday. to revel in the things i understand and even in the things i don't.


Sara said...

Your toes are fabulous- I must have an Ella pedicure immediately! You're a champ- MOM!

Darla said...

I enjoy "getting to know" your family through your FB posts, pictures, and your blog. Brandon sounds like a mess. I can tell that you guys love G-d, love each other, love your kids, and love life. Good people. And I like that we are distantly related. Maybe someday we can meet face to face in the real world.