Thursday, March 18, 2010

st.patty's day

i love this holiday. i wish there were more of a celebration...although i know in some parts they do it up right. perhaps one of these years we'll get around to celebrating like we want to but for now, the kids enjoy the fact that it's all about green.

so i indulge and this year we had green apple juice and green popsicles. yum-o.

i am by the way, probably about 1/18 (is that even a real percentage?)irish. or something small like that. my great-grandpa was 1/8 i what's smaller than that. maybe he was more, who knows. but i like saying i am.

so i hope you had a good st.patty's day. hope you participated and didn't get pinched. or maybe you wanted to get pinched. hee hee hee.

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DeAndra said...

that pic of ella is priceless!!