Monday, March 15, 2010

Operation Bridal Shower

i wish i could've typed out all the events and conversations leading up to this post, but i could not. for the bridal shower attendance was a surprise for my little sis. and in my family, we love surprises.

back in january, plans were being made by my sister's maid of honor, to throw her the most magnificent bridal shower in the world (or at least that i've been to) and my mind began to race as to how i could get there seeing as how we already have another trip planned in april for the actual wedding.

fear not my readers, super dad (quite possibly the greatest dad in the universe) arrived on the scene and bought me and my sister, dalycia plane tickets to surprise deandra for her bridal shower. so the countdown began.

march 11th 4am: i wake up from a sort of good night's rest, adrenaline pumping, not knowing if i'm going to be able to handle the plane rides that are ahead of me. i'm being whisked away to LA and will have 3 full days of girl time with my sisters. i can hardly stand the wait.

6:25am-we depart OKC airport on time. nice! and arrive in denver, only to trek across half the airport, use the restroom, buy another high priced bottle of water and board our plane to LA.

9:30am-we land in LA about 20 minutes early. make a phone call telling my soon to be bro-in-law we have arrived. he picks us up and we are on our way. i have to "go" real bad, but am refraining from thinking about it. traffic isn't too bad and they don't live far from the airport.

aprox.10:20am-we walk into the house where my sister is....

and thus began our weekend of uninterrupted fun. shopping, shopping, eating, shopping shopping eating, shopping shopping, eating. that about sums it up.

on saturday the long awaited festivity arrived and we had such a wonderful time. these pictures don't do justice...but i'll give you a little taste.

we had a henna artist, belly dancer, indian food and a special video presentation for deandra. and at the end of the evening, we all sat around deandra and prayed for her future with jeff. it was a beautiful time and i'm so honored and ecstatic that i got to be a part of it.

and now i can't wait for april.

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