Saturday, March 6, 2010

mini me

or at least that's what i've been told.

i'm speaking of my 5 ALMOST 6 year old (sheesh) mr. jakob.

perhaps it's b/c of his "to the shoulder length hair" (gasp) or perhaps his personality traits that seem to mirror mine as days go by...or better yet, perhaps it's b/c i birthed him. none the less, i've been told he's a mini me. and i don't mind that at all.

last night was more of a confirmation to the whole "he's your clone" we sat there watching E.T., for he and ella, it was their first time.

and then it happened.

the part where you think E.T. has breathed his last breath....we hear sniffles....the movie plays on...we hear more sniffles....i look down at jake....and he's crying. not hard, or baby-like, but sad that E.T. might be gone forever.

yep, he's mine.

for i too, remember watching that movie for the first time...although my sobs were probably a bit more uncontrollable than his....never the less, crying b/c beloved E.T. looked to be on death's door.

so he crawled up in my lap and we watched as E.T. came back to life and got to go live in his extra terrestrial home forever. and the movie ended with smiles and laughs and a big sigh of relief.

he's mine. and he's genius!


may, Samantha e. said...

This is an epic post, I visualized the entire memory.

I remember holding this kid when he was a baby.

Crazy man.

Do you feel like Ella is more of a Brandon?

Darla said...

I enjoyed your post. I don't actually have a "mini me" even though I have 3 kids. I think G-d knew what He was doing when He didn't duplicate me to closely. Your kids are cute. I enjoy seeing your posts and your pictures. I know that Sue would have loved seeing them grow up.