Friday, February 26, 2010

can i just say

i am very happy with my life. i am blessed. i am taken care of. i am provided for. i am loved.

but sometimes, dang it, i wish money was no object.

with my sister's wedding in full blown plan and prepare mode i have been "forced" to shop around the clock. looking for bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses and ring bearer duds for my cool jake the snake.

we have been very fortunate (and blessed b/c yes i think God helps us find good buys) to not have spent outlandish amounts of money on the items we have purchased thus far.

mind you i am not against spending large amounts of money on items that will last a long time and bring me years of pleasure BUT i am not in a position to do this as much as i'd like, i'm okay with that...

you see, spending BIG to me is splurging and paying $50 for a pair of shoes. i'm a sale shopper people, i don't like spending over $30 on anything if i don't have to. and i like being that way.

until i found these.

you might be thinking to yourself..."eh, those are ok but check out these jimmy choo's" you keep your choo's....these are legit.

and i want them.

and now i'm done.


DeAndra said...

forced, eh? i thought you "wanted to help"... ha ha ha... just kiddin... love ya sis and thanks for your help!!

Casey said...

I would buy them for ya if I could!! You are hilarious.....maybe everyone who reads this should take up a "shoe collection" for you and get you the shoes. Awesome idea!!! Also, maybe some really bored millionare, that doesn't know any of us, and that's just perusing random blogs will stumble across your blog and send you the shoes. Stranger things have happened....

Also, I wish money was no object as well so I could go to this incredible wedding in bea-u-ti-ful Cali!