Wednesday, February 24, 2010

two words

taken from "the via crucis"

Lord, hear my cry.
This world is full of false accusers
and those who are indifferent to You.
Daily I battle with doubts, fears and trials.
And if that was not enough,
there is an enemy that battles for my soul.
What am I to do?

Child, hear my declaration:
If your accusers surround you and speak wounding lies,
know that I AM your justice.
When you battle with your doubts and fears cloud your mind,
know that I AM your courage
As you walk through trials of any degree,
know that I AM your strength
And if the enemy comes against you like a flood,
know that I AM your shield.
I AM your Savior. I AM the Christ. I AM that I AM

Lord, I believe. Take away my unbelief.

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