Thursday, April 29, 2010

back and settling

or at least i thought i would be by the end of the week but not so. i wish i was still there, celebrating, running around like crazy, having so much fun. the newlyweds, i'm sure do not feel the same as i, for they are whisping their cares away on a romantical trip in costa rica. but the wedding was THAT good. and the reception was even better. something i will truly never forget. it could not have been more perfect, weather and all. God smiled on two families and a load of friends that day and gave us a perfect experience.

all of my pics are on facebook which i'm sure most of my readers belong to so feel free to browse and look at a link on my page from "portray life photography"...they are amazing.

so i'll leave you with a few of my faves and say, i hope i get back into the swing of things soon, or i just might have to swing somewhere else.

the bridesmaids...sneakin one before the ceremony. yum-o

me and my sweetie. ain't he cute. and yes i love the facial hair.

the happy couple. deandra happily in charge, jeff acknowledging it.

the sisters in huntington gardens. a bee-u-ti-ful place.

me and the bride. so much fun.

my sweet cutie pie.

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