Monday, May 10, 2010

i am blessed

mother's day was good. i'm blessed to be a mom. and i want to thank a few people b/c without them, i wouldn't be one.

without this beautiful lady giving birth to me, there's no way i would be able to experience the joys of being a mother. she was truly a woman of beauty and grace. i love her and miss her and am thankful for the legacy she leaves behind. i know she would love her grandkids and spoil them like craziness. we miss you mom, thanks for all you did to make it possible for me to be a mom! (and thanks to my dad too, he DID contribute in making me too but let's face it, enduring labor entitles you to more thanks! wink wink daddy, love you more than you know)

this guy. who is amazing. thanks for doing your thang and giving me the opportunity to me a mom. i am who i am b/c you walk beside me, support me, and let me be me. you're a great daddy too. we make a pretty great team if i do say so myself.

and of course, these two. the word would not exist in my vocabulary had the Lord not blessed me with your existence. sure labor with you was hard, and of course i want to throw you across the room several times a day, but my life is blessed b/c of you. you both have amazing spirits. i pray i can be the best mom ever for you. thanks for making my life never boring and full of laughs. i love you like crazies.

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Darla said...

I enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures. Every day is mothers day when you have children. It is a blessing! And just wait until you have grandkids someday. It's even better!!!