Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Did you know?

i'm healthy. or at least i try to be about 98% of the time. the other 2% you'll find me eating chocolate...whether it be cake, cookies or brownies. i can't seem to say no. oh and those darn hershey miniatures...they get me every time.

i digress.

i try not to eat fast food at all b/c i try not to eat a lot of processed food b/c i don't know everything these franchises do to their food...and frankly knowing even a little, grosses me out. so when i do eat out, i like to think i'm being somewhat healthy and making good choices. (although there is the occasional stop at taco bueno....98% of the time people, that's my goal)

i digress....again.

one of my favorite sandwich places is city bites. i love love love their california club. i order it on everything wheat bread (the best they have in my opinion) turkey breast, avocado, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, and bacon. it also comes with mayo which i occasionally keep on the "wich" and their "own blended oils". i was craving a sandwich today and decided to look up the nutritional info on my fave....whoa. 690 calories. dang it. i began to dig further.

BAM. the blended oils they put on their otherwise nutritious sandwich are a whopping 250 calories. the sodium content is a little over what i'd like to have but with's gonna happen.

so all i have to do is nix the oil (which i usually do) and i've got myself a decent lunch. a little higher in calories than i normally have but overall, not bad.

so why am i posting this? research your food people. find out what you're putting in your body. God gave it to you, so treat it with respect. don't go overboard just b/c it tastes good. i can be frank b/c well, this is my blog and b/c i've been down the "eat whatever i want road" too.

be healthy. it's not hard. and you'll feel better and live longer. i promise.

ps, i'd stay away from the spuds at city bites. all spuds begin at about 1000 calories and go up from there. that's over half of your calorie intake for the day. YIKES!

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Veronica said...

I had a doctor tell me almost the exact thing today. She said that Chili's nachos have at least 250 calories MORE than the hamburgers or SALADS! She said she doesn't eat out much either.