Sunday, May 16, 2010

four and six

that's what i have now. a four year old and a six year old. last week brought me closer to having two kids in school at the same time, more independence and honestly, a little more heartache. i never would have thought it would happen to me or i would be the one to feel that way but as i watch them heart gets a little sad b/c they are no longer babies, they are becoming little people, big boy, big girl, however you want to name it. i will try to hold back the tears as i type.

so last week was fast and furious as we were celebrating two birthdays in the same week, two days apart.

jake turned 6 on wednesday. he woke up to presents, his choice of meals throughout the day and ended the night with a trip to the golf course with his dad to hit some balls before the rain came. he enjoyed his day.

on friday miss ella bug celebrated birthday number 4. she is a big girl now and is so excited that she's four and not three. (these are her words) ella woke up to presents, meals she wanted for the day and got to get a pedicure AND got her ears pierced. she loved every minute and can't quit looking at her ears in the mirror. love that girl!

so on saturday we had the big dual birthday party. we chose a place called "unpluggits" in edmond. it's a place where you can play, paint, name it, they have it. we had about 12 kids there, pizza, cookie cake and lots of presents. the kids enjoyed their party immensely and i have to admit i had fun myself.

a very full, fun week. much worth the tiredness my body felt on saturday evening and into sunday. but i'm recouped now and ready to tackle the last full week of school. my how time is flying. i'm gonna have a 1st grader and a pre-k-er. crazy.

time does fly. sometimes too fast, sometimes not fast enough. i'm going to enjoy every moment and try to capture those extra special ones in my memories, forever. sheesh, how sappy and velveeta-y do i sound......?

i'm ok with it though. i'm a mom, it's what i do.

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DeAndra said...

i'm thankful for your blog... i get to experience it all with you :) love you sis!!