Friday, April 2, 2010

shoes and teeth

what a day, what a day.

first of all, i will never take my son shoe shopping again. sheesh. he's worse than his dad. granted he's only 5 (almost 6) but man i loved getting new shoes when i was young. at least i think i did. and i certainly love getting them now. ella enjoys any kind of shopping, lucky me. it's fun for now, but i think i'm gonna pay for it (in more ways than one) when i'm older.

anyhoo, my sweet little jake was an absolute bear. i didn't think we were EVER going to decide on shoes. plus he had to use it, plus he was hungry, plus the kid hates to shop anyways. adding those elements together made this trip to the mall, icky to say the least.

he finally made his selection and it was time to go home for lunch. this is where the teeth part comes in.

jake has had two loose teeth for quite a while. he's been messing with them, pushing them, pulling on them and keeping us up to date on the status. today while driving home he informs me that one of them is "coming off my gums." whoa, here we go. i wasn't quite sure how he (or me for that matter) was going to handle this.

we got home, planted ourselves on the bathroom counter and i told him to hold onto my arm and if it hurt, squeeze. i grabbed a washcloth, put it around the loosest of the teeth and pulled down.......and what do you know, BOTH LOOSE TEETH POPPED OUT. we were freakin! jake was freakin cause of the blood, i was freakin b/c i just pulled two teeth out and ella was freakin b/c jake was freakin. it was great. once we all calmed down a bit we snapped a shot of our first "loss"

he did so good. i'm a pretty proud mom right now. a few tears were shed but nothing like i thought it might be. and he loved being able to swoosh water around in his mouth and spit it uncontrollably in the sink. boys.

way to be jake, i hope the tooth fairy brings you something snazzy!


Casey said...

WOW! What a great story....just one step ahead of us. We will be there soon.

And, I will say it again.....I remember when he got those teeth. Snif, snif.

Aunt Veronica said...

love it! what did the tooth fairy leave him? what does Brandon think about a fairy being in his son's room ... at night? congrats on taking this next step in being and having another boy. I'm praying.

Sara said...

You're a champ! I get queasy just thinking about pulling teeth...