Monday, April 12, 2010

who knew

i really wish i had pictures for this post. to prove that i'm not lying. to show you the humor in what i'm about to tell you. but i don't. so just use your imagination.

let's see, it's been 8 days since Easter. which means yes, there are still plastic eggs laying around my house. most of them empty by now, i want to trash them all but i'll have to do it while the munchkins are asleep. they claim they want to "play" with them....i have yet to see this.

however, they have been used by a thoughtful little girl, a girl i've come to know and love with all my heart and who pushes me to my limits every single day.

i came home after the evening Easter service last Sunday and was told the kids had chicken nuggets for dinner, they ate well so they got to enjoy some Easter candy. good for them.

the next morning i see an Easter egg under the table, i pick it up, shake it, there's something left in it, let's see what it is.....oh, well that's gross, it's a piece of chicken nugget. i laugh a little to myself, i know who the culprit is and toss it in the trash.

another day passes, i'm looking through Easter eggs that are still in the Easter baskets and upon shaking one, realize there's something still in it. i open it and find....yep, you guessed it, another piece of chicken nugget. i laugh, a smaller amount this time, and toss it in the trash.

and yet another day passes and i see some lone Easter eggs near the back of the counter. one is a bigger egg and a smaller egg sits next to it. i open them and what do you think i find. about 4 more pieces of chicken nugget. someone did NOT eat all their dinner, someone MADE daddy believe they did. someone got candy and is laughing inside b/c she fooled us.

so it seems that i've got a little trickster on my hands. who is now, it seems, constantly trying to get one past mom and dad.

pray people....she's only 3 (well almost 4 but still). i'm sooooooooo in for it.


Darla said...

What a funny story. It reminds me of a friend from years ago. She had a little girl who loves mussels. (I don't know if that is how it is spelled, and I have never tasted one.) Anyway, my friend was hosting a party one night and she set out a plate of mussels. She went back into the kitchen to get some more food, came back, and the plate was empty. She never did know what had happened until a few days later when she smelled something horrible in her daughter's closet. She looked, and found the remains from the missing mussels. She ate the entire plate of them! I have a picture in my mind of that little trickster sitting in the closet filling her mouth as fast as possible before she got caught.

I wonder how your daughter pulled off her trick?

Sara said...

OH. MY. WORD. Brilliant.

Casey said...

OH MY WORD. You are SOOO in for it. I am afraid there is some reaping coming your way (I won't mention if its from Brandon's sowing or yours). HAHAHAHA!! I am afraid I am in store for the same my friend. Good thing you are pretty crafty yourself so you can keep up with her!

Aunt Veronica said...

Too funny! As much as Jake is a mini-you; I fear she is a mini-B.

But she's so cute!!!