Friday, June 4, 2010

crazy may

it's over and we're into june and i can't believe it. i am now the mom to a 1st grader and a pre-k-er. time flies people. so rather than be wordy and boring, i'll post a few pics from our may. it was crazy busy fun, we were out almost every weekend in may. june looks to be a little more calm but things change every day....we shall see. needless to say our first few days of summer have been lots of fun. looks promising to be a good one. and a very HOT one.

kindergarten graduation, jakob and iriana showing off their certificates, ella not paying attention, sounds about right.

jakob and ella were in another wedding. b's niece got married in texas and they were ring bearer and flower girl. how totally cute do they look. i was proud!

we went to tulsa last weekend and got to visit the aquarium in jenks. it was so cool. the kids loved it. this is us in a shark cage. oooooo scary.

i believe this is a shark egg the kids are touching. well, chloe and jake are touching it, ella was happy to watch. they got to feed stingrays, touch them too, touch small sharks, feed turtles, lots of different things to do at the aquarium. it was fun!!

and that's our may in a nutshell.


Veronica said...

as a totally impartial by-stander, that wedding picture is the sweetest, one of the most memory-keeping picture ever, and I need a copy of it sent to my email.

love you and miss you terribly!

may, Samantha e. said...

Oh my gosh, I found a picture the other day of me holding jake when he was a baby and now kindergarten? ay ay ay. Where does the time go?