Wednesday, June 9, 2010

thanks for the test God....NOT

i pray. every day. and usually on the top of my prayer list, are my wonderful children. praying for their health, their strength, to wake up feeling refreshed and even their attitudes. for them to play nice with each other and have fun during the day. for me to be a good example and show them how to behave and treat other people. for God to help me show them grace and mercy like He shows to us. to show them rules and direction with love. (italics my emphasis)

and then we go to the grocery store.

and so i have to wake up tomorrow and pray the exact same thing.

and also ask for forgiveness for the mean looks i gave them in the grocery store and for the scratchy throat i got b/c i yelled so loudly in the car on the way home from the grocery store.

cuss you grocery store.


DeAndra said...

i never tire of reading your blog. never.

J'Layne said...

Bless your heart, Dorynda. But know that because you are a praying mom- you are a blessed and wonderful mom! Truly, think about the sad lives of kids whose parents don't pray for their children and yell and swing at them...they have no hope. But your hope is in the Lord and you are teaching that to your family. Yes, we get angry sometimes and yell-but don't go further with our anger. Then asking forgiveness teaches our kids merciful living!!!

Casey said...

I.....LOVE.....THIS.....POST. Hilarious, yet verrrrry true.