Saturday, June 19, 2010

sometimes a change of plans is the best plan

we had our 11 year anniversary extravaganza planned. a trip to springfield to see an old friend, visit his improv club, stay at a bed and breakfast, a weekend WITHOUT children, what could be finer?

and then your babysitter calls and has come down with an extreme sinus/ear infection. NO GOOD! for us or for our sweet nicki. (she's doing better now by the way)

so we had to revise our plans last minute.
early reservation at rococo's. love love love that place.
impromptu meeting of friends at cafe do brazil downtown. drinks and music. and WOW a surprise dedication song to the happy couple which included a dance from my front of strangers....and i even got a front of strangers! (this is huge for the hubs, it was greatness and i couldn't stop smiling)
then a stroll over to mcnellies for some late night chips and queso and a couple of complimentary shots for the lovers of the night (that would be me and the hubs).

what started as a disappointment to our weekend, ended up being the best night out we've had in a long while. love you change of plans. you're cool like that.

the view from cafe do brazil.
and love you hubs. you're greatness. you make me smile and i'm forever thankful for your friendship and love. you're an amazing dad and husband. thanks for all you do for us!

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Casey said...

I totally missed wishing you a happy anniversary. SO SORRY my friend. I did remember in spurts and everytime I'd remember, I would tell myself that I needed to call or text or fb you blessings....and then I'd forget again. That process occurred a couple of times and the forgetting won. Apologies again :( Sounds like you had a wonderful even without my warm wishes.....amazing how that happens! haha.