Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a couple of nuggets

i love it that my kids are growing up. i love watching them experience new things and seeing this big huge crazy world through their eyes. but sometimes i don't like it...b/c that means they are one year or one day further away from being my "little ones". they are one moment further away from saying crazy things that make them sound like they're 35 years old. one moment, further away from still crawling into my lap for a hug.

but for now they're still like that. and sometimes the things that come out of their mouths makes me laugh....pretty hard. so here are a couple of things that were said recently that made me smile and wish they could be little forever.

set-up: we just had a new roof put on our home. it was quite noisy. we weren't home the entire time which was helpful but while we were home, the kids did great and not much complaining at all. until dinnertime....

jakob: mom, when are the roof people going to done. i would like to eat my dinner in peace and quiet without all the loud banging going on. (good times, he already sounds like an old man)

set-up: jakob had just spilled some water on the floor. here comes ella to the rescue. she grabs a towel off the counter and says...

ella: don't worry mom, it's cool. i've got it. i've got it. i'll clean it up mom, it's cool. (thanks for being "cool" ella bug)

and there you have it. not much but they're mine. and i love them and need to remember these moments so when i want to chunk them across the room.....i won't. (big smile here, not evil at all)

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J'Layne said...

I love it! You are such a great mom! Love you guys!!!