Tuesday, July 6, 2010

in due time

i am a pusher. i will admit it. it can be good and it can be bad. sometimes i can encourage people in a healthy manner, other times i push to hard. i'm okay with this. i'm trying to learn balance. and it's something i MUST do, especially when it comes to my kids. i love them with all my heart and want the very best for them, who doesn't, right? but sometimes i push too hard. and there are some things they must experience and learn at their own pace, no matter how much i push or even how good my teaching skills are, how much patience i have (which is usually not alot) there are times when they will take their sweet time. and that's ok. b/c when they learn what you're trying to teach them, when they realize they are unstoppable....they will in fact be.....UNSTOPPABLE.

and that is the bottom line. the most important thing i will try to instill in my children, they can do ANYTHING they set their mind to.

and jakob did just that.

for the past two weeks we have been in swimming lessons. he's not been very adventurous and didn't want to try "swimming" at all. he was having ALOT of fun going underwater but would not, for anything, swim. his report card from swim lessons said he was not ready to advance to the next class.

until the day after swimming lessons.
and something clicked. and he did EVERYTHING he was taught. i'm not sure what it was. maybe the pressure was gone b/c he was by himself, not with a class, no teacher. maybe it was the goggles he got from his poppa, providing him with some sort of security......not sure at all. but the boy swam. and i cried. he jumped from the side of the pool. something we've been trying all summer long WITH an inner tube and he would not budge. mr. i can do it all by myself, jumped from the side, withOUT a flotation device.

i am one proud momma.

and have taken from this...he will get it. everything you're teaching him (and her) they will get, in due time. keep loving, keep correcting and never give up.


Veronica said...

Jake: His dad's commitment of not doing what he is told. As you said, "in due time". Long trip ahead. :o)

Ella: "in due time". When she is the center of attention with her wonderful flair for drama. Breaking her daddy's heart over and over and over, etc.

Deas Family said...

Love it!

Casey said...

WOOOO HOOOO Jakob!! THat's exciting and I can't wait to see him swim. He and Charli will have f-u-n. And, I too have been learning the don't push too hard lesson. Let them be who God made them to be....working, working, working on it :)))) And OH how much better it will be for them to be and do what God wants, instead of what I am pushing them into. Yay for God helping us!