Thursday, August 12, 2010

last weekend

was busy. full. fun. exciting. tiring. but wonderful.

my dad got married to a wonderful woman named liz. it was a lovely wedding, very small but beautiful. we had a great time. at the end, they eventually did kiss BUT first, made us all laugh by doing the handshake that is somewhat depicted above. it was quite comical.

these two came in for the wedding and were here from friday until monday. we had great times, as we always do. ate a lot of food, had some drinks, enjoyed one anothers company and had a grand time. hate to see them go when the visit ends. already looking forward to Christmas!!

so that was my weekend in a picture nutshell.
next week school starts.
i'm excited. but i know i'll get bored. what oh what am i going to do with two hours to myself every day......oh the possibilities

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Casey said...

Yayyyy! I was checking your blog off and to see wedding pics!! Yay for Jerry! Love it.