Friday, August 20, 2010

first day

i really didn't think it would affect me. i was excited about the "quiet" time i would be having for 2 1/2 hours each day....but when i dropped jake off for his first day of 1st grade, i ALMOST cried. i was honestly trying to keep it together b/c i knew if i did jake would ask a load of questions to which i didn't have acceptable (to him) answers. so we said a short prayer together, which almost started the water works and out he jumped (yes the car was stopped). he was really excited!

when i got back home to ella, we were honestly kind of bored. she's a talker too BUT not quite as talkative as her brother and she usually perfectly content with being right by my side. so i did some bill paying on my computer while the news was on and we sat for about an hour or so. she kept asking when she would get to go to school, i kept repeating myself (after lunch) and finally the time arrived and off we went. she was VERY excited, even more so than jake.

upon picking them up, they were both beaming and couldn't wait to share their stories. jakob said "it was alot of fun mom" and ella said "i got to eat a cookie" both wonderful testaments to a great first day. i couldn't be happier and i'm ready to get back into a routine. so here's to a great first day of school (but according to jake is his 3rd day of school b/c his first was his first day of pre-k) oh how i love him!


DeAndra said...

oh my word! ella is such the little model! but you knew that.
thanks for sharing always can't wait to hear more.

Casey said...

I agree with DeAndra....Ella is adorable. AND, you are better woman than I because I s-o-b-b-e-d like a baby putting Charli to bed the night before her first day. I didn't actually cry when I dropped her off, but I cried a tiny bit at least once a day the whole first week. I am better now, but still have a few moments a day I have to busy my mind to not get sad. ROUGH transition on me, not her!! Glad they love it too :)